The Best Male Face of the Groups In K-pop Right Now

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If you're wondering which member represents the group, here are the best male "faces of the group" in Kpop right now. Often mistaken as the visual or the center, the face of the group is the main representative due to high recognition and popularity.

While some boy groups have official "face of the group" members, like Big Bang's G-Dragon and GOT7's Jackson, other groups leave that position open to the public, which leaves fans debating on which member is the face of the group. For example, RM is highly regarded as BTS's face of the group since he is already the leader, but fans will argue that the position is all Jungkook, who is the youngest member, but is usually standing front and center. Other popular boy group faces of the group include Block B's Zico, iKON's Bobby, and Winner's Mino.

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