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The Best K-pop Music Videos Of 2021

Popular K-pop groups and Korean solo artists alike have come out with some of the most creative and visually stunning music videos in recent years. And we've gathered the best of the best K-pop music videos of 2021, ranked by fans everywhere. Whether it's the impressive choreography from Hyuna's "I'm Not Cool" music video or the unique fashion from (G)I-DLE's "Hwaa," these popular 2021 K-pop music videos are a must-watch for fans. What is your favorite Kpop music video of 2021? 

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    NCT 127 - 'Sticker'

    Video: YouTube

    "Sticker" is an interesting song, to say the least. Despite how you feel about the song itself, you can't deny that the MV slaps. As expected of SM's biggest group, the production and set pieces look fantastic. Taeyong's flaming biker outfit is definitely the highlight of this video.

  • 2

    IU - 'Lilac'

    Video: YouTube

    Has IU ever disappointed us when it comes to jaw-dropping visuals and fashion? This music video is just as adorable and sweet as IU herself. The lilac-themed dresses and the train ride make for a dreamy, romantic setting as well.

  • 3

    PURPLE KISS - 'Zombie'

    Video: YouTube

    Halloween-themed music videos are always welcome, no matter which season it is. The bright neon colors and punk-goth outfits really sell this video. Plus, the subtle zombie movements in their choreography are a nice touch as well. Spooky season has never looked so fashionable or cute.

  • 4

    Chung Ha - 'Bicycle'

    Video: YouTube

    Someone give Chung Ha a Daesang award already because this queen never misses. She's giving it her all in this comeback: catchy music, stunning visuals, a crazy dance break, and even a rap verse (in English). And we didn't even mention the gorgeous outfits. Chung Ha in that dramatic black gown and leather gloves is definitely one of her best looks.