The Best K-pop Solo Artists Of 2022

We all love our idol groups, but who are the best soloists in K-pop? Here are the top K-pop solo artists of 2022, ranked by fans everywhere. From new singers making memorable debuts to older artists making comebacks, the most popular K-pop solo artists include IU, Taeyeon, Woozi, Chungha, and more. 

After their groups disbanded, Choi Yena (Iz One) and Yuju (GFriend) both made their solo debuts in 2022. After leaving JYP Entertainment in 2021, GOT7 member BamBam released his second EP under his new label, ABYSS Company. 

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  • Rosé
    Photo: YG Entertainment
    • Labels: YG Entertainment
  • Suga
    Photo: Big Hit Entertainment
    • Labels: Big Hit Music, HYBE
  • Lisa
    Photo: YG Entertainment
    • Labels: YG Entertainment
  • IU
    Photo: EDAM Entertainment

    2022 Releases:

    "Ganadara" (w/ Jay Park)

    • Labels: EDAM Entertainment