The Best K-Pop Solo Artists

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Including some of the best solo artists of 2019 as well as new solo debuts, the most popular K-pop solo artists ranked here are a variety of Korean singers, rappers, and idols who left their groups. Whether they were discovered on a reality survival show or decided to go solo after their group disbanded, the best K-pop soloists have found success in South Korean music. Who are the top K-pop artists right now?

YG Entertainment's Big Bang is one of the biggest K-pop groups ever, so it's not surprising that all five members also have successful solo careers on the side. Some female artists, like IU, BoA, and Ailee, have always been solo, while others, like Taeyeon, Sunmi, and Hyolyn, went solo after their groups broke up. Other good Kpop soloists include Jessica Jung, Dean, Heize, HyunA, Suzy, Jessi, and Jay Park.

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