The Best K-pop Songs of 2018

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Only songs released from January 1 to December 31, 2018

UPDATED: Stay current, and check out the best 2020 Kpop songs!

K-pop is a rising genre worldwide, and the K-pop charts are sure to produce some international hits. What is the best 2018 Kpop song? With so much new Kpop music to choose from, it's hard to decide which Kpop songs are truly the best of the best. You can vote below to help determine the best K-pop 2018 songs of the year. If you want more Korean music, check out new Korean R&B songs and the latest in K-hip hop and rap music.

In addition to the "Big Three" K-pop agencies (JYP, YG, and S.M.), smaller Kpop agencies like DSP Media, Cube, Jellyfish, Fantagio, Pledis, Starship, Plan A, and Big Hit have been pumping out the best K-pop tracks in 2018.

Featuring the best K-pop songs from girl groups like Twice, GFriend, Loona, BlackPink, KARD, EXID, Red Velvet, CLC, and Pristin, and as well as Kpop boy groups, like BTS, Block B, Got7, Wanna One, Super Junior, EXO, and Monsta X, this list includes the the most recent Kpop songs in 2018. Stay updated with all the Kpop 2018 comebacks and album releases! 

Which of the newest Kpop songs released in 2018 are truly spectacular? Browse the popular K-pop songs listed below and vote up your favorites. Give the good K-pop songs an vote up and vote down any of 2018's top K-pop songs you think were just so-so. Feel free to add any underrated K-pop songs missing from the list. 

Most divisive: Before Our Spring
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