The Best Visuals In K-pop Right Now

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Only Kpop group members who are officially visuals.

We're ranking the current idols with the best Kpop visuals. Featuring the most popular idols right now, this list of visual members only includes official visuals, so don't panic if your bias doesn't make the list. Who do you think has the best visuals in K-pop today? Check out the best male visuals and the best female visuals if you want to seem them split between boy and girl groups.

Often confused with the center and the face of the group positions, the visuals in a group are usually members who are not only aesthically beautiful, but also adhere to Korean beauty standards, which includes having white skin, a small face, a sharp jaw, and a slim figure. Even though these idols are officially selected as visuals, fans will still argue over who the best looking members are because as we all know, beauty is subjective! 

Kpop idols famous for their visuals include Irene from Red Velvet, Hani from EXID, Jin from BTS, and Kai from EXO. Make your voices heard, and vote up the idols with the best visuals.