The Very Best Krispy Kreme Flavors

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List of every flavor of Krispy Kreme doughnut ever made, including discontinued and regional varieties. Vote up your favorite type of Krispy Kreme.

Sweet, soft, and oh-so-decadent, Krispy Kremes are some of the most popular types of pastries on the market today. But which doughnuts are the best of the best? After all, the company specializes in treats of every kind. Some delicious Krispy Kreme flavors are fruity while other popular Krispy Kreme donuts tempt with rich chocolate. Many Krispy Kreme flavors are available on a limited basis, but doughnut fans from all over the world still count them among the best.

What flavors will you find on this list of the top Krispy Kreme flavors? Original glazed donuts remain a best-seller for the bakery. Experienced connoisseurs know to grab a dozen of these treats while they're still warm. Double dark chocolate is another popular flavor. Other good Krispy Kreme flavors featured on this list include glazed cruller, powdered cake, and cinnamon apple filled donuts.

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