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The Best Kuroko's Basketball Quotes

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There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Kuroko's Basketball, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's such a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Kuroko's Basketball, with the help of your votes. These memorable Kuroko's Basketball quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Tetsuya Kuroko, or even a side character like Kazunari Takao or Riko Aida.

Based on the manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Kuroko's Basketball is sports anime that follows the basketball team of Seirin High School. Tetsuya Kuroko was once part of a legendary basketball team known as "The Generation of Miracles," but few know this, as his lack of presence made him the invisible sixth member of the team. Now, Kuroko wants his new basketball team to become the best in Japan and take down his former comrades, with the help of another promising player named Taiga Kagami. Taiga has some of the most inspirational lines in the series, including "It's always better to have stronger opponents than weak ones" and "You don't give up until the very end."

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    Until You Play

    "You can only speculate based on the past. You won't really know what will happen until you play."

    – Tetsuya Kuroko

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    The Possibility Of Victory

    "The possibility of victory is only 0% when all the players give up. No matter how impossible it may seem, I refuse to make it 0% myself."

    – Tetsuya Kuroko

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    Show Some Spirit

    "That's it. Show some spirit so you can entertain me, even a little."

    – Daiki Aomine

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    Strong Ones

    "The strong don't win. The winners are the strong ones."

    – Tsutomu Iwamura

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