The Best Kushina Uzumaki Quotes

When your son is one of the most recognized anime characters in the world, you're probably going to have a lot to say. Let's take a look at the best Kushina Uzumaki quotes in series history, and rank them while we're at it with the help of your votes.

Like her son, Kushina Uzumaki was an outcast as a child that was picked on by her fellow students. Many of Kushina's best quotes are about her husband, who made her feel like she wasn't alone: "Minato was the one who rushed to my side and rescued me. He was the only notice the strands of my red hair. He told me he noticed right away because my hair's so pretty." Given her fiery spirit, it should come as no shock that Minato said this as a child: "I'm gonna be the first female Hokage!" Sound familiar?

With so many good Kushina Uzumaki quotes, it's only right they get ranked by Naruto fans like you! Vote up the Kushina lines and speeches that really made you love her as a character.

  • Thankful Parents of Naruto
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    Thankful Parents of Naruto

    "Thank you for letting me become a mother... And Minato a father... Thank you so much... For having been born to us!!"

  • Last Words
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    Last Words

    "Naruto. There'll be plenty of hard...and painful...times ahead. Take care of yourself! Make sure to have dreams...and the confidence to make those dreams come true! So much! There's so, so much! There really much more I want to tell you. I want to be with you longer. I love you..."

  • I'm Sorry
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    I'm Sorry

    "I'm so sorry...for making you the nine tails vessel. And making you bear our burden...for not being able to be at your side as you grew up...and not giving you the love you needed!"

  • My Nickname
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    My Nickname

    "Anybody who called me tomato...well, I just turned them into smashed tomatoes. That's how I got my other nickname - The Red-Hot Habanero!"

  • Our Hopes
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    Our Hopes

    "Minato. Are you listening?! Our hopes...did reach our boy!"

  • Thankful
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    "Thank you... For everything up 'til now."