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The Best Kyle Broflovski Quotes From 'South Park'

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He may be one of the strongest voices of reason amongst the main four boys, but there have still been plenty of memorable Kyle Broflovski quotes over the years. After more than 20 seasons, Kyle has lived a pretty full life without ever leaving the 4th grade. From insightful commentary to snappy one-liners, Kyle's delivered it all. He's stood up for his heritage and looked out for his brother, Ike. Now it's up to you to decide which lines would make Kyle the proudest. 

The best Kyle Broflovski quotes and one-liners have been gathered here on this list. If you believe hard enough that one quote can make it to the top, then it may just come true. 

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    You B*stards

    Stan: Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

    Kyle: You b*stards!

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    He's Talking About "F*ck"

    Mr. Garrison: Eric, did you just say the F-word?

    Cartman: Jew?

    Kyle: No, he's talking about "f*ck". You can't say "f*ck" in school, you f*cking fat a**!

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    A Million Dollars

    Kyle: Why? How could you do this? There are people starving in Alabama! And you give Cartman a million dollars?!

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    Huge Bone

    Mrs. Cartman: Oh, that's not funny, boys. Eric isn't fat, he's big-boned.

    Kyle: He must have a huge bone in his *ss, then.

    [Cartman's mom laughs.]

    Cartman: Goddamn it, Mom!

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