The Best Kyrie 5 Colorways, Ranked

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The new Kyrie Irving shoes have become a smash hit for Nike. Many fans of basketball and beyond have purchsed the best Kyrie 5 colorways to get a taste of the different design. Irving has moved up the rankings of superstars in the NBA, and a huge fan base exists for one of the best players in the NBA right now. The Kyrie 5 has hit the mark as both a successful shoe and a creatively captivating one. 

Irving played a huge role in all Kyrie 5 styles to get released. Some of themes feature his interests like a nod to his favorite television show Friends or his fascination with UFOs. Most feature bold color combinations that help them stand out. 

The shoes featured here all look at the Kyrie 5 catalog as there are many choices to choose from that fits your style. Vote up for the best Kyrie Irving shoes to help decide the best overall Kyrie 5 colorway. Then head over for a blast from the past and check out the best Kyrie 4 colorways.

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