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The Best Ladder Matches In Wrestling History

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The best ladder matches in wrestling history helped give us some of the all-time great overall matches in the sport. Ladder matches are among the most entertaining to come from any stipulations since the stunts involved with the ladder provide huge excitement. Wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Edge, Christian, the Hardy Boyz, and Rob Van Dam all saw the ladder match become a huge part of their legacies.

All the best ladder matches are in play here, along with footage and some tidbits about each of them. The best ones will stand the test of time and can still provide the same entertainment value watching them back. These specific matches showed just how important the ladder can be to the final product. 

So who had the best ladder match in wrestling history? Vote up for your favorites matches to involve the ladder match stipulation to help decide the best of the best. Then head over and check out the best Hell In A Cell matches of all time and the top WrestleMania matches ever.

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