The Best Laffy Taffy Flavors

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A list of the Best Laffy Taffy Flavors. Who doesn’t enjoy the scrumptious chewiness of Laffy Taffy? Ranked in order from the most popular Laffy Taffy flavors to the least popular, it will be a simple matter to find a new favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy by trying the ones that are listed at the top. If you don’t see your favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy listed, go ahead and add it to the list. You can also vote for your favorite flavors of Laffy Taffy and see them get ranked among the top flavors of Laffy Taffy on the list. If you prefer to make your own list, you can easily copy the flavors and start your own special list of Laffy Taffy flavors.

Laffy Taffy is the perfect type of candy to bring you back to your childhood days. It is also a great candy to share with your kids and let them discover a new favorite candy in Laffy Taffy. The kids will enjoy stretching, pulling and shaping the Laffy Taffy as they find new and delicious flavors to try. With both sour and sweet tastes to choose from, it is easy to find a favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy, no matter which tastes you prefer.

So go ahead and browse through this list of delicious Laffy Taffy flavors, and find a new favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy to enjoy as a special treat or to watch with your favorite movie.
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