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The 13 Best LaKeith Stanfield Performances Of All Time

23 Mar 2020 148 votes 27 voters13 items

If there's one thing LaKeith Stanfield is not, it's predictable. With roles and performances ranging from hilarious to chill-inducing to just downright weird, Stanfield has quickly emerged as one of Hollywood's newest great actors. He got his start in indie films like Short Term 12. He works on major studio films like Straight Outta Compton and Knives Out. And while Stanfield often plays supporting characters, he's leapt into the lead role on projects like the surreal Sorry to Bother You and the romance The Photograph. So whether LaKeith is picking up an old piano from an eccentric shut-in, kicking it in the studio with NWA, or interrogating a family involved in a murder most foul, you can be assured his performance will be a highlight of the show.

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