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The Best Los Angeles Lakers First-Round Picks In The NBA Draft

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List RulesVote based only on career success with the Los Angeles Lakers. Only picks made since the NBA/ABA merger (since 1977).

The history of Los Angeles Lakers first-round draft picks does not feature as many superstars as the average NBA fan might assume. The Lakers are among the best NBA franchises of all time and have won the the second-most championships in league history, but many of the team's icons came via trade or free agency rather than getting selected in the NBA draft. 

However, Magic Johnson and James Worthy, two of the best basketball players of all time, were both lifetime Lakers from draft to retirement. Derek Fisher was on board for five NBA titles, while players like Andrew Bynum, A.C. Green, and Devean George all won multiple championships with the franchise.

But which of these players had the best overall impact on the Lakers franchise during their playing careers? The stats below only reflect the players’ time spent with Los Angeles, and that’s what you should base your vote on. Did this player help improve the Lakers organization?

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