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The best language software titles can help users learn new foreign languages for a job, prior to a trip to a foreign country or just to increase their language skills. With a wide range of language software available, whether someone wants to learn English, add Spanish to their vocabulary or brush up on their Russian, or speak any language in between, these best language learning programs can help.

For someone looking to learn a new language, finding a language software title that teaches that specific language is the first task. Many of these best language software have dozens of language versions with options to learn every language from American English to Vietnamese. For most however, each language software must be purchased separately.

Speaking of pricing, the cost of these language software options varies widely as well. Some options, like Babbel, charges a monthly fee for its online learning program. Others charge by disc or level, such as Fluenz, which charges by disc, and the popular Rosetta Stone, which charges by level, meaning multiple purchases may be required as a user advances through higher fluencies of the language. There are, however, many free options to learn languages, like Duolingo, which offers a free iPhone app to learn French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

In the end, choosing the best language software is often a matter of selecting a program with which you can learn best. Some may prefer the online language courses offered by Rocket Language while others might learn better with a mobile app, like that offered by Living Language. Those who are not technologically inclined may be more drawn to less-interactive titles, such as the audio program offered by Pimsleur.

Whichever language software you choose, selecting the best language learning software is only a small part of learning a new tongue. It also takes a lot of time, some dedication and plenty of practice to learn a new language. Want to start simply? Check out the easiest foreign languages to learn.
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List Rules: Most effective language learning programs