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List of the best language to learn, ranked by those in the know. Taking on the task of learning a foreign language can be daunting, but some of the most common languages might be easier to learn than others. Have you wondered, "Which language should I learn?" This list can help you determine the most useful language to learn. Which one do you think is the most useful/helpful? Be sure to vote for your favorites, and add any languages to the list that you believe would be great to learn, too.

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If you've ever wanted to learn a second language, consider trying to learn one of the more popular ones first. What foreign language should I learn? Want to speak the language of love? Time to learn French! Spanish can be extremely useful, as can Japanese (though the latter is decidedly more difficult to learn to speak and/or write).

Whether using the best language learning software or a language immersion course, learning some languages can be more challenging than others. Arabic, for example, might be more challenging for a native English-speaker than, say, Italian, but it's also among the more popular studied foreign languages worldwide. And while Mandarin Chinese might seem really difficult to learn, it's spoken by more people across the world than any other language.

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Expanding your knowledge of languages can definitely help to give you an edge in job searching. Some employers desperately need bilingual employees. Studying a foreign language can really pay off in the long run. Knowing more than one foreign language can also be extremely useful!
  • American Sign Language

    American Sign Language

  • Portuguese Language

    Portuguese Language

  • Greek Language

    Greek Language

  • Korean Language

    Korean Language

  • Dutch Language

    Dutch Language

  • Swedish Language

    Swedish Language

  • Hindi Language

    Hindi Language

  • Turkish Language

    Turkish Language

  • Hebrew Language

    Hebrew Language

  • Serbian
  • Ukranian Language

    Ukranian Language

  • Polish Language

    Polish Language

  • Farsi Language

    Farsi Language

    Fārsi is an Iranian language within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. It is primarily spoken in Iran (referred to as Farsi), Afghanistan(officially known as "Dari" since 1958 due to political reasons), Tajikistan(officially known as "Tajik" due to political reasons by the USSR), and other countries which historically came under Persian Influence. Persian is a pluricentric language and its grammar is similar to that of many contemporary European languages.

  • Finnish Language

    Finnish Language