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The Last Podcast on the Left is the perfect podcast for fans of true crime, conspiracy theories, alien encounters, ghost, cults, and much more. The best Last Podcast on the Left episodes combine detailed research with irreverence.

Some of the funniest episodes of the Last Podcast on the Left feature hilarious impressions from co-host Henry Zebrowski, while the creepiest episodes of Last Podcast on the Left tell the stories of infamous serial killers. Some fan-favorite episodes of Last Podcast on the Left are serious and somber, like the first episode in a series about September 11. Historical events are shared in engaging episodes like, “The Donner Party, Part I: Salt of the Earth.” Listeners also love Last Podcast on the Left episodes like, “H.H. Holmes, Part I: The Horrid Meat" and “Norwegian Black Metal, Part I: Chainsaw Gutsf**k.”

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    Episode 189: "9/11, Part I: The Day"

    Episode 189: "9/11, Part I: The Day"
    Photo: Marcela McGreal / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    While Last Podcast on the Left is known for its humor, the guys took a somber tone to examine the events of Sept. 11, 2001. In this first of three episodes, the actual events – without speculation or conspiracy – were laid out from what happened in the air to the on-the-ground efforts to save lives.

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    The 300th Episode: "Jonestown, Part I: Everyone in the World Is My Friend"

    In celebration of airing 300 episodes, Last Podcast on the Left dove into one of the most infamous cults of all time, the Peoples Temple, and its leader, Jim Jones. It took five episodes to properly tell the story of Jonestown, and how over 900 people came to die on the settlement. In this first installment, Jones' beginnings are unfolded with careful detail and the guys' trademark humor.

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    Episode 42: "Ghost, Alien, or Molested?"

    Episode 42: "Ghost, Alien, or Molested?"
    Photo: Cornelia Kopp / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    You can find anything on the internet, including people searching for answers after they believe to have been molested by aliens or ghosts. The hosts look through message board posts about people's strange encounters and debate whether these poor souls have been visited by creatures from the great beyond or predators here on earth. This one of a kind episode was a break-out hit for Last Podcast on the Left in its early days.

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    Episode 200: "H.H. Holmes, Part I: The Horrid Meat"

    For its 200th episode, Last Podcast on the Left examined "America's first urban serial killer," H. H. Holmes, in the first of a three part series. This episode introduces listeners to Holmes, who many may know from the historical non-fiction book, The Devil in the White City. Holmes confessed to dozens of murders, even some for people who were still alive, and is believed to have killed anywhere between nine and 200 people. This episodes is a favorite of fans for many reasons, including the portrayals of Minnie and Nannie.

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    Episode 245: "Richard Chase, Part I: The Cat Tree"

    Richard Chase is a heavy hitter whose story is uncovered in two podcast episodes. Known as the Vampire of Sacramento, Chase would drink the blood of his victims, and he was also a cannibal. In this introductory episode, the guys talk about how Chase was a textbook example of the Macdonald triad as a child, and investigate the path that led him to his first murder. It's a bloody good time for fans of true crime.

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    Episode 362: "Israel Keyes, Part I: The Nu Metal Serial Killer"

    Last Podcast on the Left looks at how modern "heavy hitter" Israel Keyes evolved from his Fundamentalist Christian upbringing to become a cross-country killer. In this first of two episodes on Keyes, the guys discuss how he is a bargain-bin BTK with their sharp sarcasm. Keyes, who murdered a minimum of three people, went on to complete suicide in his jail cell while awaiting trial.

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