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The Best Late Night Comedy Movies On Netflix

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Take a rip, grab a slice of pizza, and let this list of the best late night comedy movies on Netflix wash it all down. Voted on by midnight viewers like you, these crude, offensive, and laugh-out-loud funny late-night comedies work on multiple levels. As this list of Netflix late night comedy movies proves, these silly films often subvert cultural, social, and political norms in sly, clever ways.

Ranging from stoner classics to surreal grotesquerie to genre parodies, these flicks are perfect for viewing in the middle of the night.

Not only do these late night comedies on Netflix tickle the funny bone, they make you think while you don’t know you’re thinking. So vote up your favorite comedies to watch in the wee small hours, vote down the ones that aren't funny enough, and rerank the whole list if you're a master of late night comedies.