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It's time to vote for the best Late Night movie quotes. In a film chock full of hilarious one-liners and quotable dialogue, there are plenty to choose from. The movie stars Emma Thompson as Katherine Newbury, the longtime host of a popular late night talk show. In the face of low ratings and criticism that her writing staff is comprised solely of white men, Katherine is convinced to hire a woman of color. Enter Molly Patel, played by Mindy Kaling. She's an efficiency expert at a chemical plant with a dream of getting into the comedy field. The two initially clash, but eventually bond over their commitment to making people laugh.

Late Night was directed by Nisha Ganatra, whose Chutney Popcorn was one of the most acclaimed indie films of 1999. She has since helmed episodes of popular TV programs like Shameless, Dear White People, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The screenplay was written by Kaling who, of course, rose to fame as an actress and writer on The Office, followed by her own sitcom The Mindy Project. Reviews for the film have been stellar. It is certified "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, with more than 80% of critics reviewing it positively.

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Brad: A TV writers room is not very P.C. It can be a pretty masculine environment.

Molly Patel: I saw most of the writers. I'm not overly worried about masculinity. 

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Denying A Raise

(Katherine speaking to a male employee who has just asked for a raise on the grounds that his wife just gave birth)

Katherine NewburyThis is actually very exciting to me. Because what you're describing is the most clear-cut example of the classic sexist argument for the advancement of men in the workplace. You're asking for a raise not because of any work-related contribution you've made, but simply because you have a family. And that's why, in the 1950s, family men were promoted over the women they worked with. I've never encountered this before in such a clean, teachable way. 

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Tom Cruise

Katherine Newbury: Tom Cruise is the same age as me. He gets to fight the Mummy. I am the Mummy. 

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Parvati: Why are you dressed like you work in HR at a funeral home?

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