The Best Latinx Actors and Actresses Under 40

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It can be difficult to build a notable career as a young celebrity, especially if you're a Latinx actor or actress.  We've put together a list of Latinx actors and actresses under 40 who are making waves with audiences and winning acclaim for their work in television and film.

We aren't only listing the best young Hispanic actors, but famous Latinx actresses and actors from other countries like Eiza González and Alfred Enoch. We also have included Afro-Latinx actors making a name for themselves like Tessa Thompson. All of these young Latina and Latino actors are at different points in their careers, but all of them are owning their space in Hollywood and we can't wait to see where their future takes them!

So tell us - who's your pick for the best Latinx actors under 40 in Hollywood right now? Check out the list of famous young Latinx actors below and vote up the ones you think are nailing their roles and taking the industry by storm.

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  • Jenna Ortega
    Age: age 15
    230 votes
    • Birthplace: Coachella Valley, California

    Rising to fame at a young age, this talented actress became a household name through her role in the TV series Stuck in the Middle. Steadily building her acting resume, she has been involved in other notable projects such as You and Jane the Virgin. Jenna's vibrant presence onscreen continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

  • Aubrey Plaza
    202 votes
    • Birthplace: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

    Known for her deadpan humor and impeccable comedic timing, she gained widespread recognition with her portrayal of April Ludgate on the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation. Her filmography ranges from indie hits like Safety Not Guaranteed to blockbuster comedies like Dirty Grandpa. With a unique and quirky personality, Aubrey captures the hearts of fans everywhere.

  • Selena Gomez
    237 votes
    • Birthplace: Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

    Initially capturing the hearts of many through her role on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place, she has since grown into a multi-talented performer, excelling in acting, singing, and producing. Her ventures include executive producing the critically acclaimed series 13 Reasons Why and chart-topping music hits like "Lose You to Love Me." With her ability to continuously evolve as an artist, Selena maintains a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

  • Camila Mendes

    Camila Mendes

    Age: age 24
    156 votes

    Breaking onto the scene as Veronica Lodge in CW's dark take on the Archie Comics universe, Riverdale, she has quickly become a fan favorite. Camila's commitment to her character and her ability to bring depth to Veronica's complexities have played a significant role in the show's success. As she continues to take on new projects, her potential for growth as an actress is undeniable.

  • Eiza González
    216 votes
    • Birthplace: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Rising to international fame with her role in the telenovela Amores Verdaderos, she has since made a successful transition to Hollywood with notable performances in Baby Driver and I Care a Lot. Eiza continues to showcase her versatility as an actress, exploring different genres and delivering captivating performances. Her commitment to her craft ensures a promising future in the world of entertainment.

  • Diane Guerrero
    152 votes
    • Birthplace: USA, New Jersey

    Best known for her roles in popular television series Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin, she has become an influential voice for Latinx representation in Hollywood. Apart from her acting career, Diane is also a dedicated social justice activist, using her platform to advocate for immigrants' rights. Her memoir, In the Country We Love, details her family's experiences with deportation, further highlighting her passion for these issues.