The Best Latino Characters Of All Time

We're ranking the best Latino characters of all time. While proper Latino and Hispanic representation in film and TV has long been absent, newer shows and movies have started including more diverse cast members than ever befor. Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy may have been the first Hispanic character on TV, but today shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family feature Latino characters that are both unique and memorable.

Keep in mind that this list of Latino characters can include both heroes and villains - whether they're catching bad guys, fighting the fuzz, or dealing with troublesome family members, these characters are the ones who’ve left the biggest impression on audiences. Latino characters like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Tony Montana from Scarface, and even little Dora from Dora the Explorer remain some of the most memorable. Which of these characters do you think is the most iconic?

Vote up your favorite Latino characters or add your own if they aren’t listed. That way, everyone can see which characters are the most popular.  

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