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The 15 Greatest Latino Anime Characters of All Time

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Though most anime characters are Japanese, there are plenty of fantastic characters who hail from other parts of the world. As anime gains more global popularity, so does the need for representation of people from all backgrounds.  

These Latino and Latina anime characters come from a variety of backgrounds, including countries like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. Many are also Hispanic anime characters. Sports anime - like Captain Tsubasa and Hajime no Ippo - featuring international competitions often include Latino anime characters. These diverse characters also appear in shows such as Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and Black Lagoon.

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    Nadie, whose name means "nobody" in Spanish, is the protagonist of a lesser-known anime called El Cazador de la BrujaShe's a Mexican bounty hunter who apprehends a mysterious young girl named Ellis, who was accused of murder but remembers nothing about it.

    Though she wants the bounty money, she also wants to solve the mystery of Ellis's past. Before Nadie turns Ellis in, she escorts her to Wiñay Marka to try and get some answers.

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    Ricardo Martinez is a featherweight boxer whose fighting style has been called "immeasurable and otherworldly" by other characters in the series. He's a quiet man of Mexican origin who is one of the most formidable opponents that Makunouchi Ippo must face.

    He's renowned for his skills both in his home country and abroad. 

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    Yuri!!! on ICE is best-known for presenting a positive representation of queer romance, but it's progressive in other ways as well. While anime often does include American characters, they're usually white.

    Leo de la Iglesia is a professional figure skater from America, and he's also Mexican American. His heritage doesn't play a huge role in the series - it's a part of who he is.

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  • Pepe Iglesias is a Mexican boxer who goes up against Yuri in Megalo Box. He mostly communicates in Spanish and is known for using the language to taunt his opponents. He uses Mexican sugar skulls to represent himself thematically.

    He's a self-assured, talented boxer who knows how to hype up a crowd. 

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