The Best Songs on Lauv's Album 'All 4 Nothing'

Have you listened to Lauv's highly-anticipated second studio album All 4 Nothing yet?! Released almost two and a half years after his debut album How I'm Feeling, through A5B and Virgin Music Label & Artist Services, All 4 Nothing highlights Lauv's mature musicianship over profound songwriting and lo-fi pop production. The thirteen-track LP addresses the millennial singer's mental health rollercoaster and drug addiction, relating to countless listeners' common struggle throughout the pandemic. Lauv provides a raw narrative of his experiences chasing that initial high and naive happiness, reflecting upon childhood memories for perspective and balance. Some of the album's top songs include “Stay Together," “I (Don't) Have A Problem,” "Molly in Mexico,” and of course its leading single “All 4 Nothing (I'm So in Love).”

How do the album's tracks compare to Lauv's greatest previous works? Which of these bangers will surpass one billion streams? Vote up the best songs on All 4 Nothing, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Lauv's top singles. 

  • Time After Time
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    Time After Time

    Best Lyrics:

    I've tasted poison from your lips
    There's nothin' sweeter, oh
    But then you act so innocent
    So I fell deeper

    In your eyes, I see Heaven down the darkest paradise
    Cold as ice, when you're mean to me, girl, it's so hard
    Good God

    I could fall in love with you time after, time after, time after time

  • All 4 Nothing (I'm So in Love)
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    All 4 Nothing (I'm So in Love)

    Best Lyrics:

    Eh, did you know that you're my whole heart?
    Eh, did you know that I never stop? No
    Giving you everything I got 'cause I'm so

    I'm so in love, I'm so in love
    I don't ever wanna stop this ride that we're on
    I don't ever wanna say goodbye
    Then all of those nights, they would just be all for nothing
    Yeah, I'm so in love, I'm so in love

  • I (Don't) Have a Problem
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    I (Don't) Have a Problem

    Best Lyrics:

    I got blood in my nose, I got tears in my eyes
    Tell me it makes me alive, trying to quit so many times

    But I love you, I need you
    But I hate you
    Even when I say that I'm gonna walk away yeah
    I come back cause I need to
    I don’t want to
    Yeah, always say that I'm gonna walk away
    But here I am again

  • 26
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    Best Lyrics:

    The more that I get older
    The less I wanna be sober
    And I can't quit, goddamit
    And maybe I'm just broken
    And I'll never admit it
    But I wish that I was younger
    Yeah, 26 and I'm rich
    How the hell did it come to this?