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The Best Laxus Dreyar Quotes

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"I'm gonna surpass you one day. Not for my father, but for myself. So I can become a man in my own right." This is one of the best Laxus Dreyar quotes from Fairy Tail, because it shows how determined Laxus is to become more powerful than Makarov. For this list we're ranking the most epic quotes from Laxus Dreyar, with the help of your votes. He may have ended up in the Blue Pegasus Guild for a while, but Laxus found his way back to Fairy Tail eventually.

Being the grandson of Makarov Dreyar, cant be easy, especially since he is Fairy Tail's Guild Master. This gives Laxus a certain fiery fighting spirit that fans love so much. Take this line for example, when he was fighting Team Raven Tail: "Bring it, all of you at once. Master's enemies are my enemies after all." Another great Laxus Dreyar quote along the same lines was when he said this to his father Ivan: "I ain't got a clue what your goal is, but I'll hold you responsible for hurting my friends! My family is Fairy Tail! I will crush my family's enemies!"

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