The Best LeBron 15 Colorways, Ranked

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Between your standard colors, collaborations, and limited drops, what are your favorite LeBron 15 colorways? Marking the 15th anniversary since his first shoe with Nike, the signature LeBron James shoes have seen some wild and rad editions. Sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts have plenty to choose from, with over 50 colors and releases. Of all the options, though, what are the best LeBron 15 colorways?

The KITH collaborations alone present a variety of options, featuring the LeBron 15 Performance "King's Cloak" and the LeBron 15 Lifestyle "City of Angels", just to name a couple. Then you have both low and high options in several colors, not to mention a long list of limited releases, such as the "Fruity Pebbles" and the "South Beach". In short, you have some awesome LeBron 15 shoe colors to choose from. 

Check out the complete list of LeBron 15 colorways below and vote up the ones you like best. This ranking will be updated with new releases, so make sure to come back and rank the latest LeBron James shoes. 

Most divisive: Nike LeBron 15 "Diamond Turf"