The Best LeBron 17 Colorways, Ranked

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The LeBron 17 colorways are already off to an impressive start with the release of his latest shoe from Nike. Aside from the retired Michael Jordan, no other basketball player has the star power in the shoe world like LeBron does. Nike makes a fortune off the various shoe releases from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. The release of the new LeBron James shoes has fans excited about the colorways in stores along with the looks planned for the future.

Of all the LeBron 17 colorways, everyone surely has their favorite. Whether you like to go sleek and clean or bold and colorful, you have multiple options. For the cleaner look, the Red Carpet and Currency options are both good choices. For something a little more flashy, you could go with the Bron 2K or the Future Air—which has a sweet and colorful outsole. Simply put, LeBron James puts out some great kicks. Which is your favorite LeBron 17?

Check out all the LeBron 17s below and vote up the best colorways and styles. 

Photo: Nike