The Best Characters On 'The Legend of Korra'

Following in the footsteps of Avatar: The Last Airbender was no easy task, but the best The Legend of Korra characters prove there were still more exciting stories to tell within this universe. This time, the legendary Avatar is a girl named Korra, who has to face spiritual and political unrest in an increasingly modernized world. 

Korra is Aang's successor, but she's different in a lot of ways from the previous Avatar. She's headstrong and rebellious, but she has to transform from a warrior to more of a spiritual leader. And just like The Last Airbender, this Avatar has plenty of friends and foes throughout the series. Characters like Amon are a very different kind of antagonist than Zuko. As the mysterious yet charismatic leader of the Equalists, he seeks to bring about an anti-bending revolution. 

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  • Hiroshi Sato
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    100 VOTES

    Hiroshi Sato

    These people... these benders... They took away your mother, the love of my life. They've ruined the world. But with Amon, we can fix it and build a perfect world, together. We can help people like us everywhere!

    Played by: Daniel Dae Kim

    Appears in: Books 1 & 4

  • Yakone
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    106 VOTES


    Republic City is mine, Avatar. I'll be back one day to claim it.

    Played by: Clancy Brown

    Appears in: Book 1

  • Unalaq
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    122 VOTES

    There's a reason the glacier spirits festival ends on the winter solstice. That's when the spirit world and the physical world are close together. Only then can the Avatar open the portal.

    Played by: Adrian LaTourelle

    Appears in: Books 2-4