The Best LEGO TV Shows Ever Made

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Since the first-ever LEGO series debuted in 1987 with the claymation series of shorts Edward and Friends, brick building buffs have flocked to their TVs to catch every new episode of every new iteration that comes along with the latest building set. While the amount of LEGO TV shows may seem overwhelming and endless to some, the fact is that each new show is boldly unique and has its share of hardcore fans. Some may argue that there's nothing quite like branded LEGO shows and that the LEGO Star Wars television series was the best, and others can gladly fight that something more original like LEGO Hero Factory or Secrets of Elvendale was the peak iteration of the brand. But that's what makes the best LEGO shows endlessly fun to debate about and just plain entertaining to watch. Each LEGO television series has something for everyone, including their animation styles!

In this list, we're going to break down all of the best LEGO shows and find out once and for all which minifigs make for better TV shows than they do toys. So grab your brick box, try to get Everything is Awesome out of your head, and vote up the best LEGO TV shows ever made.