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The Best Lego Video Games

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The Lego brand got its start creating building block games and sets for kids across the physical world. But as the Lego brand came back and moved into the digital world, it began creating video games with LEGO characters. Back in 1995, Lego started releasing games based on their famous blocks and sets, though the company hit its stride further down the line. The best Lego video games based themselves around popular movies and franchises. In 2005, the world received its first licensed Lego game: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game. As Lego began adding film dialogue and audio to their games, fans discovered new ways to experience and relive their favorite stories through a controller and the child-like appearance of Legos.

Using only building blocks, Legos constructed an empire that still stands tall today through it's video games. When considering the greatest Lego video games ever, one must factor in both gameplay and authenticity. Does Lego Harry Potter stack up better than Lego Batman? It's up to you to decide.

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