The Best Lelouch Lamperouge Quotes

There are almost too many good ones to count, but if you had to pick your all time favorite Lelouch Lamperogue quote, what would it be? For this list we're ranking the greatest Lelouch quotes of all time, with the help of your votes.

The protagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch has a genius-level intellect that he uses to his advantage throughout the anime. Lelouch is a former prince from Britannia, a superpower that ruled over 1/3 of the world in the early 21st Century. Thanks to a witch named C.C, Lelouch posses the power of Geass, which essentially lets him hypnotize people into doing his bidding. The limit to this power is that he can only cast it on each person one time.

Lelouch has so many memorable lines and quotes, but try to pick your favorites by voting them up below. You can also downvote any Lelouch Lamperouge quotes that you feel don't deserve to be towards the top of the list.


  • Change, Make It Happen
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    220 VOTES

    Change, Make It Happen

    "Change will never come about if you don't make it happen."

    220 votes
  • Life Without Doing Anything
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    210 VOTES

    Life Without Doing Anything

    "A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death."

    210 votes
  • To Defeat Evil
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    197 VOTES

    To Defeat Evil

    "To defeat evil, I shall become an even GREATER evil."

    197 votes
  • Time Flows Constantly
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    132 VOTES

    Time Flows Constantly

    "Time flows constantly, it doesn't care about the people who are struggling.

    132 votes
  • Nobody Resist Miracles
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    141 VOTES

    Nobody Resist Miracles

    "People don't give damn about reasons, but nobody can resist miracles."

    141 votes
  • No Choice But To Move Forward
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    125 VOTES

    No Choice But To Move Forward

    "Before creation there must be destruction. If my soul stands in the way, then I'll toss it aside. Yes, I have no choice but to move forward."

    125 votes