The Funniest Characters On 'Letterkenny'

The best characters on Letterkenny may not be the nicest, but they’re definitely the funniest. The sleeper comedy stars Jared Keeso (who’s also the show’s creator) as Wayne and Nathan Dales as Daryl, Wayne’s best friend and right-hand man.

Centering on the small town of Letterkenny, the show’s eclectic cast features rivaling groups like The Hicks, The Skids, and everyone in between. While the show was originally created to be a YouTube web series, Letterkenny was picked up by Canadian network Crave in 2015 and has since found a new home with Hulu. Which Letterkenny character is your favorite? Wayne and Daryl are an awesome combo, but hockey players Reilly and Jonesy are bros to the end. If you've finished the series and find yourself missing characters like these, watch more shows like Letterkenny.

Be sure to vote up all the best characters, and vote down everyone you think should sit the next episode out.

  • Wayne
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    176 VOTES


    It's a hard life picking stones and pulling teats but sure as God's got sandals it beats fighting dudes with treasure trails.

    Played by: Jared Keeso

    Affiliation: Hicks

  • Squirrelly Dan
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    164 VOTES

    Squirrelly Dan

    Yous makes the most delicious trail mix, Katy, and I got to say that's what I appreciates about you.

    Played by: K. Trevor Wilson

    Affiliation: Hicks

  • Jonesy
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    143 VOTES


    We're trying our best, but we're math guys, Coach.

    Played by: Andrew Herr

    Affiliation: Hockey player

  • Reilly
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    144 VOTES


     We'll see what you're calling us after I bury a couple bardown wristers.

    Played by: Dylan Playfair 

    Affiliation:Hockey player