21 Types of Lettuce, Ranked Best to Worst

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Listen up, gang: It's time to get serious about the best kinds of lettuce. This is a list of several types of lettuces, ranked from the best to eat to the grossest and most useless. Are we talking about just for salads here? No bro! This lettuce is for any type of eating, like in a salad or a soup or even to wrap your protein-style cheeseburger at In-N-Out even though you also got fries and are, come on, eating a cheeseburger no matter how you dress it up. What even is lettuce? According to scientists, lettuce is an annual plant in the daisy family. Wow, so is kale even a lettuce? Not really! But it is on this list anyway. So are a bunch of other leafy green vegetables and also a few red / purple ones. To be honest, most of the things on this list probably aren't even actually lettuce. 

Anyway, what is the best kind of lettuce for you? Are some types of lettuces / leafy greens better for you than others? Well, the long and short answer is: no, they are pretty much all the same. Maybe kale has a little more vitamin A than iceberg lettuce, and maybe cabbage is a really good source of manganese, but unless you are an actual alpaca who only eats lettuce all day every day, those trace nutrients and minerals don't really vary that much. Just be proud of yourself for choosing to eat any vegetable at all, even if it is just for one part of one meal. Now just try not to drown it in ranch dressing.

Vote up your fave lettuces to eat raw or grilled, blend into juices and shakes, make your cellphone wallpaper, blog about, etc.

Most divisive: Kale

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    Pros: Great for just a lunch salad with avocado or something. Maybe you are on Melrose on a Thursday because your mom is in town?

    Cons: None (except that is has two different names; why?).
    359 votes
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    443 VOTES

    Pros: Reliable. Sometimes crunchy. 

    Cons: Not impressing anyone. 
    443 votes
  • 3
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    Pros: Airy. A nice bright shade. 

    Cons: ?
    321 votes
  • 4
    436 VOTES

    Pros: Good raw and also cooked any number of ways.

    Cons: If you eat too much, makes your mouth taste like metal (in the bad way).

    436 votes
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    Pros: Some colorful flare.

    Cons: Who cares? What else do you have to offer?
    322 votes
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    Little Gem

    Pros: Precious. Tastes just fine.

    Cons: Only served at trendy restaurants that go out of their way to be wacky.
    249 votes