The Best LGBTQ+ Musicians

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The LGBTQ+ community has long been celebrated within the music industry, as some of the biggest stars of the late 20th century and beyond have identified themselves as such. While it shouldn't matter whether a singer or band is gay, lesbian, transgender, and so on, there have been plenty throughout music's history that completely shine. In fact, some of the greatest musicians to date were and are openly gay, and their music stands the test of time no less. 

Of all the LGBTQ+ musicians and bands, both old and new, some have taken the music world by storm. Freddie Mercury, and Elton John are just a few gay musicians who've become complete LGBTQ+ icons. Yet, plenty of LGBTQ+ groups are following close behind, making names for themselves in the industry, as well as bringing much-needed attention to the entire community. These names include Tyler Glenn, Baths, and Kevin Abstract, among many others you'll find on the list below. In short, music may be one of the most all-inclusive industries we know—and we should all be happy about that.

So, who do you think are the best LGBTQ+ musicians? Take a look at the list below and vote up your favorites, and feel free to add others to the list. 

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