Licensed Games That Actually Live Up To The Source Material

Which licensed video games are actually worthy of the properties on which they're based? There are so many Star Wars games and Batman games out there, but so few live up to their promise. In the video game industry, there's a stigma attached to games based on existing properties like films, comic books, TV shows, and so on. Often, licensed video games are essentially money traps selling an underdeveloped game to fans of the property who will buy without regard for quality.

Often, games based on movies go terribly wrong. Sometimes, it's so bad that the developer literally buries their shame in the desert.

However, licenses for properties we love are occasionally placed in the hands of capable designers who want to do right by the source material and also make truly compelling interactive entertainment. Here, we've compiled a list of those exceptional licensed games - some you may not even realize came from a movie, book, or wherever!

When it goes right, fans end up with a franchise game series for a popular multi-platform character. Here, we list the games that lived up to their namesakes. So go ahead and vote on the best licensed video games ever made!
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