The Best Lifetime Original Movies of 2018

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Lifetime movies are known for their ability to weave compelling tales of heartache, treachery, and crime. They also visit the lighter side of drama and romance, even offering cheerful Christmas stories. This list of Lifetime movies for 2018 lets you know what to look forward to and what you might have missed.

Lifetime produces more new movies every year, many based on true stories or inspired by true events, such as Do Unto Others and Terror In The Woods.  If you're looking for classic Lifetime thrillers, No One Would Tell is a remake of the 1996 film of the same name, based on a terrifying true story.

Not limiting themselves to dramatic films full of tension and horror, Lifetime also released Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance in 2018. Even though it is inspired by true events, it takes a happier path than many of their films. The cheer continues as the year goes on - Lifetime's Christmas movies for 2018 include several romantic comedies, such as Santa's Boots and A Very Nutty Christmas.

What is going to be the best Lifetime movie in 2018? Vote up the good Lifetime films you can't wait to watch or watch again. Then check out the Lifetime movies for 2019.

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  • Terror In The Woods

    Terror In The Woods

    Michael Berthold, Lindsey Blackwell, Tracey Bonner
    124 votes

    Inspired by true events. The story of two twelve-year-old girls who attack their friend as a sacrifice to an internet legend, the Suzerain.

  • No One Would Tell

    No One Would Tell

    Shannen Doherty, Mira Sorvino, Matreya Scarrwener
    164 votes

    Based on a true story and a remake of the 1996 film of the same name.  A shy high school student's seemingly perfect relationship with a popular jock quickly turns abusive and dangerous.

  • Nanny Killer

    Nanny Killer

    Morgan Obenreder, Danielle Bisutti, Tucker Meek
    80 votes

    Hardworking student Kate (Morgan Obenreder) takes a well paying summer job as a nanny at a winery to offset tuition expenses. Soon she realizes that something is off with the children she cares for.

  • Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

    Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

    Eric Roberts, Anna Marie Dobbins, Brianna Joy Chomer
    89 votes

    After being found not guilty for his crimes, Dr. Albert Beck takes a teaching job at a university, where his blossoming relationship with a student is threatened when one of his previous victims begins a campaign of terror against him.

  • The Bad Seed

    The Bad Seed

    Mckenna Grace, Rob Lowe, Cara Buono
    137 votes

    A remake of the 1956 horror classic. A father (Rob Lowe) is forced to question everything he thought he knew about his daughter when he believes she may have played a role in the tragic end of a classmate at her school.

  • Party Mom

    Party Mom

    Krista Allen, Megan Ward, Elise Luthman
    60 votes

    It's all fun and games until things turn deadly. Shouldn't a 'mom' know better...?