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The Best Lifetime Original Movies of 2018

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Lifetime movies are known for their ability to weave compelling tales of heartache, treachery, and crime. They also visit the lighter side of drama and romance, even offering cheerful Christmas stories. This list of Lifetime movies for 2018 lets you know what to look forward to and what you might have missed.

Lifetime produces more new movies every year, many based on true stories or inspired by true events, such as Do Unto Others and Terror In The Woods.  If you're looking for classic Lifetime thrillers, No One Would Tell is a remake of the 1996 film of the same name, based on a terrifying true story.

Not limiting themselves to dramatic films full of tension and horror, Lifetime also released Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance in 2018. Even though it is inspired by true events, it takes a happier path than many of their films. The cheer continues as the year goes on - Lifetime's Christmas movies for 2018 include several romantic comedies, such as Santa's Boots and A Very Nutty Christmas.

What is going to be the best Lifetime movie in 2018? Vote up the good Lifetime films you can't wait to watch or watch again. Then check out the Lifetime movies for 2019.

  • 1
    Michael Berthold, Lindsey Blackwell

    Inspired by true events. The story of two twelve-year-old girls who attack their friend as a sacrifice to an internet legend, the Suzerain.

  • 2
    Morgan Obenreder, Danielle Bisutti

    Hardworking student Kate (Morgan Obenreder) takes a well paying summer job as a nanny at a winery to offset tuition expenses. Soon she realizes that something is off with the children she cares for.

  • 3
    Nicole Anthony, Stephanie Bennett

    Can best friends fall in love? That's the question next door neighbors Sadie (Kyla Pratt) and Ben (Jarod Joseph) will answer as they keep the spirit of Christmas and the magic of their childhood pact alive.

  • 4
    Eric Roberts, Anna Marie Dobbins

    After being found not guilty for his crimes, Dr. Albert Beck takes a teaching job at a university, where his blossoming relationship with a student is threatened when one of his previous victims begins a campaign of terror against him.

  • 5
    Joanne Kelly, Shaun Benson

    Original title: Second Opinion. Ivy (Joanne Kelly) and Skyler (Genelle Williams) have started a popular web site. Ivy's health suffers from the stress. Her doctor has her scanned. She only has short time to live. She starts on expensive, illegal, experimental drugs. Is the doctor lying?

  • 6
    Annabeth Gish, Jessica Lowndes

    A vindictive and psychotic new roommate attempts to convince an innocent college freshman to commit suicide by slowly destroying her life through the means of drugs, paranoia, and manipulation.

  • 7
    Susan Walters, Cristine Prosperi

    A young, sexy, and damaged boyfriend tricks a teenage girl into thinking she slayed her best friend.

  • 8
    April Bowlby, Sydney Sweeney

    Kate (Cindy Busby) and Joe (Jon Prescott) have longed to be parents - when Danica (Sierra Pond), a child Kate gave up 17 years ago, appears on Facebook. Danica comes to live with them, but she's not their real child. She's an impostor.

  • 9
    Marguerite Moreau, Mollee Gray

    When Chelsea meets up with her estranged childhood best friend, Milla, she's unprepared for the events that follow. Milla, who is now a webcam girl briefly catches Chelsea on camera during one of her shows. Unbeknownst to her, Chelsea has now been exposed to a watcher who becomes obsessed and will stop at nothing to have her to himself.

  • 10
    Olivia d'Abo, Tammy Blanchard

    10 years after disappearing, Matt (Mason Dye) mysteriously returns home. Suspicions grow when Matt's brother is injured in a car accident similar to the one that recently slayed their father. Is Matt really the missing son or a deceitful stranger?

  • 11
    Kaitlyn Black, Cameron Jebo

    An expectant mother befriends a Good Samaritan who saved her life, but is unaware that he is the father of her unborn baby and is "collecting" all of the children he sired as an anonymous sperm donor years before.

  • 12
    Sofia Vassilieva, Kristy Swanson

    Following the sudden and mysterious passing of their father, a brother and sister return home to their sprawling New Orleans estate and encounter their unhinged stepmother, who will stop at nothing to gain control of their inheritance.

  • 13
    Kari Wuhrer, Adam Huss

    Nicole (Kari Wurher) is stunned when her daughter Cameron (Felisha Cooper) returns from a vacation in Mexico engaged to handsome Brent (Adam Huss). But Brent has a secret girlfriend, Lexi (Jean Louise O'Sullivan), and together they're planning to slay Cameron for her money right after her honeymoon.

  • 14
    Angie Patterson, Aria Pullman

    A single mother restores a Victorian home and opens a bed-and-breakfast, but the arrival of a guest with a hidden agenda shatters the peace.

  • 15
    Karissa Lee Staples, Brian Ames

    When Megan's (Karissa Lee Staples) fiancé is slain, she moves cross country and rebuilds her life with a new boyfriend and a closer relationship with her sister. Once she befriends one of her old colleagues, Lloyd (Drew Seeley), things take a turn for the worst. She realizes he will make her his - no matter the cost.

  • 16
    Hannah Barefoot, Adam Huber

    A recent gym junkie's new personal trainer starts to take their relationship to dangerous levels.

  • 17
    Arianne Zucker, Ava Locklear

    Starring Heather Locklear's daughter, Ava Locklear, in her first lead role in a feature film, this suspense thriller takes a downward spiral when Lianne (Arianne Zucker) discovers all is not what it seems after the disappearance of her daughter, Summer (Ava Locklear). She discovers her daughter's friend, Cara (Sierra Pond) has a dark past, and even darker intentions as a girl who is desperate for a mother's love - and will stop at nothing and no one to find it.

  • 18
    Alexandra Breckenridge, Jamie Spilchuk

    Claire (Alexandra Breckenridge), a savvy venture capitalist from New York City, escapes to a quaint town in Vermont for the holidays and becomes a guest of the Fortenbury Bookstore.

  • 19
    Shannen Doherty, Mira Sorvino

    Based on a true story and a remake of the 1996 film of the same name.  A shy high school student's seemingly perfect relationship with a popular jock quickly turns abusive and dangerous.

  • 20
    Mary Katherine Duhon, Marguerite Moreau

    A gritty thriller dealing with topical social issues, Overexposed is the story of a teen girl caught up in a sexting scandal that leads to panic, outrage and something worse.

  • 21
    Parisa Fitz-Henley, Sasha Rojen

    The meeting and courtship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

  • 22
    Mckenna Grace, Rob Lowe

    A remake of the 1956 horror classic. A father (Rob Lowe) is forced to question everything he thought he knew about his daughter when he believes she may have played a role in the tragic end of a classmate at her school.

  • 23
    Krista Allen, Megan Ward

    It's all fun and games until things turn deadly. Shouldn't a 'mom' know better...?

  • 24
    Rachel Boston, Kate Moyer

    A baker unites the people of her small mountain town to stop a real estate developer.

  • 25
    Paige Turco, Dominique Provost-Chalkley

    Lucy Pierce (Brittany Allen) grew up believing she had a normal childhood with a loving and supportive mother, until she discovers old articles about the "Baby Victoria" disappearance - a high-profile abduction case that occurred when she was born. She is shocked to see that her baby picture is front and center.