The Best Lighter Brands

While it may seem like a small thing to think about, there’s more to great cigarette lighter brands than meets the eye. It’s true that you can walk into any convenience store in America and purchase a new lighter, but what if you need the best lighter in the world? Well, these lighter companies aren't messing around. They make only the best lighters money can buy.

A lighter is more than an afterthought. If you’ve ever reached in your pocket, pulled out your brand new lighter and tried to light something, only to find that it doesn’t even work, you know that brand and quality absolutely matters! If you’ve going to spend the few dollars purchasing a new lighter you might as well buy one that will work the next time you use it! So what are the best lighter brands available?

There are many cheap brands of lighters available, several from overseas companies, and there are several name brand more expensive lighters like Zippo that may last longer in the end. This list ranks the best lighters, including Scripto, BIC, GE, Alfred Dunhill, and Clipper. Don't see your favorite, trusty lighter brand below? Add it to the list to truly determine which is the best cigarette lighter.
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