The Best Lightweight Boxers of All Time

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Any boxer who competed in the lightweight class is eligible. Boxers from other classes are not

The best lightweight boxers of all time are the elite and best ever boxers who fought in the lightweight division, which generally is between 130 and 135 pounds. These top lightweight boxers are former World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization and Olympic champions plus some of the greatest lightweight boxers in the game today. While they cannot all square off in the ring to determine an ultimate best lightweight boxer of all time, they can be ranked and voted on below to name the best of the bunch.

Just like with the best heavyweight boxers of all time, there are a few favorites among these elite fighters that come to mind when discussing the top boxers in the lightweight division. Roberto Duran, Benny Leonard, Joe Gans, Pernell Whitaker and Ike Williams all fall into that category with numerous titles and accolades between them.

Moving more into modern times, names like Oscar de la Hoya, Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are all among the top lightweight boxing stars who saw success more recently. But they have plenty of competition with current top boxers like Manny Pacquiao, Adrien Broner and Vasyl Lomachenko each making a name for themselves in the division and the sport.

So how do you compare the classic boxers who held titles for years at a time to those with the potential to have even better careers in the future? However you rank these famous lightweight boxers, do so below by voting, adding to or re-ranking this list of the best lightweight boxers of all time. When you're done there, head over and see how these men stack up against the best boxers of all time too.

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