The Best Lil Baby Songs Of All Time

What is Lil Baby's biggest hit? Here are the best Lil Baby songs of all time, ranked by fans everywhere. The Grammy-winning trap artist from Atlanta is a force of nature who's worked with every big name in the game, including Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and J. Cole. Lil Baby's talent and unmatched bars earned him the 2020 Apple Music Award for Artist of the Year, and his studio projects speak for themselves. Throughout his career, he's released three solo studio albums: Harder Than Ever (2018), My Turn (2020), and It's Only Me (2022), plus two collaborative full-length projects with fellow rappers Gunna and Lil Durk: Drip Harder (2018) and The Voice of the Heroes (2021). 

From his new and latest music to his older popular songs, this Lil Baby playlist features all of his greatest hits, according to the fans. Do your favorite Lil Baby songs crack the top 10? Vote up the best songs by Lil Baby, and don't forget to show his underrated tracks love as well.

  • Sum 2 Prove

    Sum 2 Prove

    My Turn
    15 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2020

    Best Lyrics:

    Call me Baby Hov, I control the rock
    If the rap slow, I control the block
    Yeah, I'm really it, and you n****s not
    Got a couple coupes, I can drop the top
    I done made it, n**** all these digits comin' in
    I'm savin' for the bigger picture, know one day I'll need 'em
    Might as well get used to me
    My biggest fear is endin' up a used-to-be, yeah

  • Freestyle


    Too Hard
    46 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2017

    Best Lyrics: 

    Ooh, I got 'em mad, my fault
    Talkin' 'bout the sh*t that I bought
    Poppin' these Percs, I done turned to a savage

    Hundred racks stuffed in the mattress
    Hundred racks stuffed in the attic
    Hundred racks stuffed in the sofa

  • Emotionally Scarred

    Emotionally Scarred

    My Turn
    24 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2020

    Best Lyrics:

    Young age, learned how to get paid (We gon' get the money)
    Big stage, long way from Section 8 (Ballin' other countries)
    Big wave, he gon' have to get saved (Big old wave)
    Ridin' in the foreign, chiefin' on the forest
    I know I wasn't there for you, at least I said I'm sorry
    You know what it was, I told you that I was heartless
    I'm emotionally scarred, that ain't even your fault
    But don't listen to them haters tryna fill your ears with salt






  • Woah


    My Turn
    21 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2020

    Best Lyrics:

    Bend her over, then I murk her
    Call Gunna if you want you a Birkin
    "Oh, Baby, you be lyin' in your verses
    I be hearin', say you buyin' 'em purses"
    I can't even lie, you ain't my type
    You ain't even all that fine in person
    I can guarantee you if you my kind
    She got every bag you can imagine
    Big house, I can really be braggin'
    Hundred thousand in my mouth like, "What's happenin'?"
    Not the big cheap teeth, that's embarrasin'
    He ain't me, you can keep the comparisons

  • Life Goes On (feat. Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert)

    Life Goes On (feat. Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert)

    Harder Than Ever
    20 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2018

    Best Lyrics:

    Every time the pack get gone, I get another load ('Nother load)
    My main b**** tryna leave me 'lone 'cause I f*cked another ho ('Nother ho)
    I'm like, "Baby, I know I'm wrong, but this just how life goes" (How life goes)
    "And I know these n****s'd be happy if I let you go" (Oh, no, no)

  • Drip Too Hard (with Gunna)

    Drip Too Hard (with Gunna)

    Drip Harder
    41 votes
    • Date Recorded: 2018

    Best Lyrics:

    I bought a new Patek, I had the watch, so I two-toned 'em
    Taking these drugs, I'm gon' be up until the morning
    That ain't your car, you just a leaser, you don't own it
    If I'm in the club, I got that fire when I'm performing
    The backend just came in, in all hundreds
    Vibes galore, cute sh*t, they all on us