The Best Lipstick Color for Asian Skin

The sexy pout is in! How do you achieve this pout you ask (other than a visit to the doctor)? Lipstick! Pretty pretty lipstick! Lipstick helps you perfect that sexy lips look that you see on all the celebrities on the red carpet. But not everyone can pull off the Gwen Stefani look right? Here are a list of the best lip color for Asian girls (and boys!)

The best lipstick for Asian skin varies from person to person, but all the top Asian lipsticks on this list are sure to look great, you just have to find the right one for you! These great Asian lipstick colors will go great with your complexion and really make your lips pop! Which of these lipsticks for Asians have you tried? Vote up the best lipsticks below and let us know about any other great lipsticks for Asians in the comments section!