The Best Lisa Frank Animals

As all '90s kids know, if you didn't have a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper then you were a bonafide nobody. All the cool kids loved everything Lisa Frank: Lisa Frank stickers, Lisa Frank stuffed animals, Lisa Frank products galore! Every kid had their favorite Lisa Frank animal, whether it was a dog, pegasus, orca, or those famous golden retrievers, but it took until the 21st century to be able to rank the best Lisa Frank animals ever. Welcome to the future, because here is your chance.

Below you'll find all the most memorable Lisa Frank designs and characters to look back on with fond memories and great waves of nostalgia. Which Lisa Frank art did you go gaga over? Was it the dog and cat getting married that inspired dreams of your future big day? Did you want to be a hip-hop bear? There were lots of colorful creatures just waiting to ignite your imagination in the Lisa Frank shop.

From notebooks to stickers, to whatever else Lisa Frank merchandise you tricked your mom into buying for you, the cutest Lisa Frank animals were there for you throughout your childhood, along with an explosion of color and rainbows and smiles and fun. Return the love by voting up your favorites below and taking a brightly-colored stroll down memory lane.