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The Funniest Quotes From The Movie 'Little'

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Here are the best quotes from the movie Little. This heartwarming comedy takes the egotistical Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) on a magical ride that shows her the error of her ways by transforming her into a younger version of herself. She then successfully convinces her assistant, April Williams (Issa Rae), that she is her boss in an adolescent body and the hilarious adventures begin, including a runnin with a Child Protective Services Agent. With so many funny lines, one-liners and quotes, it is time to vote up the best quotes from Little.

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    Changed Your Life

    Jordan: I've changed your life for the better. My work here is done. Your lift is downstairs.


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      This Body

      April: Your body can't fit into my clothes. This is squats. This is palates. 

      Jordan: That body looks like Baby Gap, Gymboree, Oshkoshbagosh to me.


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        Black Jesus

        April: What in the Black Jesus?


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          Grown Folks Eyes

          April: (as Trevor is dancing sexually toward them, April trows a blanket of Jordan's head) Oh no! You can't look at this. This for grown folks eyes only. 

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