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The Best Little Witch Academia Characters

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It's helpful to have a list of Little Witch Academia characters to learn everyone's names, but let's take it a step further by ranking them all from best to worst. Here's our list of the best Little Witch Academia characters, with the rankings determined directly by your votes. The characters that creator Yoh Yoshinari brought to life are all incredible, but let's find out who the most popular character from Little Witch Academia really is. We've also included each Little Witch Academia voice actor when available, so you can know who is behind the characters you love. 

The protagonist Atsuko Kagari, or "Akko" for short, is bursting full of energy and optimism, making her a lovable character (even despite her impulsiveness.) Some of Akko's roomates are the funniest Little Witch Academia characters, including the quiet, Finnish witch Lotte Jansson, and Sucy Manbavaran, a mischievous witch from The Philippines. Other fan favorite characters from Little Witch Academia include the snack-loving witch Jasminka Antonenko, and Ursula, the astrology teacher with a secret identity.

Of all the Little Witch Academia characters, who would you say is the very greatest? Vote up your favorite characters below!

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