The Best Littlest Pet Shop Channels On YouTube

Whether you have small children or are simply nostalgic for the toys you grew up with, these Littlest Pet Shop YouTubers are worth checking out. The LPS channels below feature creative YouTube personalities who put on sketches with their toys, as well as the occasional shopping guide or Q&A. These videos are a great way to both be entertained and learn more about the toys you love. 

Adults who were fans of the Littlest Pet Shop toys growing up may be surprise by their more recent iteration. Modern LPS toys have more sparkles and colors, as well as bigger heads and wider eyes. However, the strangeness will wear off as you immerse yourself in the world of Littlest Pet Shop YouTube. Creators make their own sketches and sometimes ongoing storylines with their toys, each animal having a unique voice and personality. Young children who own their own set of LPS toys will love this cute content! If you're in need of any guidance for shopping, many YouTubers upload overviews of their collections that can help you figure which toys to buy next. 

Who's the best Littlest Pet Shop YouTuber? Cast your vote below to help decide and please feel free to add anyone you think is missing! 

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  • Alice LPS
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    Alice LPS

  • LPSSkittles
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  • SophieGTV
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  • LpsAce
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  • LPShannah
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  • myLPSpetworld
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