The Best Live-Action Comic Book Shows of All Time

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Superheroes are currently sweeping the box office and, slowly but surely, taking a strong hold on our TV screens as well. It only makes sense being that comic books are a serialized medium. They tell long, complicated, larger-than-life tales. They slowly reveal more information and excitement as they go along, just like a good show.

So what separates the good shows from the bad? Knowing your audience, paying attention the stringent budget, time demands that TV sets, and most importantly, finding the perfect tone for your show. If you want it to be campy, then dive in head first. If you want it serious, find a way to make the powers/costumes believable. If it's going to be on the CW, copy the best parts of "Smallville" as much as possible.

These are the shows that got it right, that managed to walk the fine line between TV hero believability and downright silliness. These are your favorite live action shows based on comics! Vote up the very best!
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