The Best Living Actresses Over 80

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Vote up your favorite living (female) actors born in or before 1942.

The best living actresses over 80 (or close to it) include the classic beauties who headlined films and television shows of yesterday, and those older female actresses we still love to watch today. These older celebrities might not all be the fresh faces in Hollywood they once were, but their legacy and contributions to the entertainment world are timeless.

For classic movie fans, these actresses born before 1942 include many familiar names from some of the best movies of all time. Who can forget Carol Burnett and her amazing variety show? What about the long and successful careers of Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, and Brigitte Bardot? They might not be the leading ladies of today, but in their time, they were among the best in the business. Despite their age, which all deal with gracefully, many of these best living actresses 80 or older are still active today.  There's no stopping the success of these amazing older women

Which actress over 80 is the absolute best when comparing them at the peak of their careers? Vote up the famous old actresses below that you think are the best. Then check back to see if any of your most liked living actresses over 80 topped the list! 

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