The Greatest Living Opera Singers

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While modern entertainment is drastically different than it was in history, art forms like ballet, theatre, and the opera are still some of the most moving experiences in live entertainment. Opera is a powerful performance that typically combines incredible singing and drama. It is still a popular form of entertainment today, and there are many highly skilled performers singing opera for modern audiences.

Who are the best living opera singers? This list features the most popular current opera singers in the world, ranked by the community. Some of the great, modern opera singers on this list are also among the best opera singers of all time.

The best living opera singers on this list range every voice type and include talented musicians like Roberto Alagna, Plácido Domingo, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Angela Gheorghiu, Kathleen Battle, Jessye Norman, and Cecilia Bartoli. Vote up the best living opera singers below or add an opera singer you think is great, who is still alive, but isn't already on the list.
Most divisive: Roberto Alagna
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  • Megan Marie Hart
    1,736 votes

    Megan Marie Hart captivates her audience with her powerful and ethereal voice. Her diverse repertoire showcases her exceptional vocal range and versatility as an artist. She truly embodies each role she takes on, making her one of the most engaging living musical masters in opera.

  • Bryn Terfel
    523 votes

    Bryn Terfel is a bass-baritone who continuously mesmerizes listeners with his rich, resonant voice. His striking stage presence enhances his incredible singing abilities, making his performances unforgettable. Terfel's undeniable talents continue to be celebrated by both critics and fans alike.

  • Samuel Ramey
    554 votes

    Samuel Ramey has been praised for his profound vocal prowess and commanding stage presence throughout his illustrious career. His captivating voice, coupled with his ability to deliver intense, emotive performances, establishes him as an extraordinary figure in the world of opera.

  • Cecilia Bartoli

    Cecilia Bartoli is a true gem in the opera universe, consistently enchanting audiences with her honey-toned voice and delightful charisma. Her unrivaled mastery of bel canto technique enables her to effortlessly tackle even the most demanding roles. Bartoli remains an inspiration for aspiring singers due to her immense talent and dedication to her craft.

  • Diana Damrau
    647 votes

    Diana Damrau's crystalline soprano voice has the power to transport listeners to a different world. Her immense vocal agility allows her to excel in a vast array of roles, consistently delivering emotionally charged performances that are nothing short of breathtaking. Damrau is undeniably a brilliant luminary among opera singers.

  • Renata Scotto
    606 votes

    Renata Scotto's captivating performances have earned her a spot among the greatest living musical artists. Her incredible acting skills and finely honed vocal technique allow her to fully inhabit each character she portrays. Scotto's talent and the passion she brings to her roles ensure that her performances linger long after the final note.