The Best Songs on Lizzo's Album 'Special'

Have you listened to Lizzo's highly-anticipated fourth studio album Special yet?! The Grammy Award-winning powerhouse vocalist is back with her meticulously-curated 12-track record, released through Nice Life and Atlantic three years after her career-defining Cuz I Love You. Blending disco pop with playful rhythmic rap, the Detroit native boss b*tch never ceases to blow fans away with her raw talent, IDGAF attitude, and exceptional artistry. Lizzo wrote over 160 songs before choosing the LP's final track list, subsequently stating in the project's “very special message” that she hopes to inspire listeners to love onto others through her music. Some of the album's best songs include the tracks “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready),” “Break Up Twice,” “Grrrls,” “Special,” “Coldplay,” “The Sign,” and of course the chart-topping promotional single “About Damn Time.”

How do the album's songs compare to Lizzo's greatest previous works? Which of these bangers will surpass one billion Spotify streams? Vote up the best songs on Special, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Lizzo's top singles. 

  • 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
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    68 VOTES

    2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)

    Best Lyrics:

    I did the work, it didn't work,  
    That truth, it hurts, goddamn it hurts, 
    That lovey dovey sh*t, was not a fan of it (Nah-ah)
    I'm good with my friends, I don't want a man, girl
    I'm in my bed, I'm way too fine to be here alone (Too fine)
    On other hand, I know my worth,
    And now he callin' me (Rrr), why do I feel like this?
    What's happened to me?

    68 votes
  • Everybody's Gay
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    42 VOTES

    Everybody's Gay

    Best Lyrics:

    Dance the night away (Keep your p*ssy poppin', pop those percolates)
    Everybody's gay, yeah (It's a happy place in here, baby, you're safe)
    We can take our mask off
    We can all ball and parlay
    I can hardly wait (At 3 a.m. my freak come out the cage)

    42 votes
  • Break Up Twice
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    24 VOTES

    Break Up Twice

    Best Lyrics:

    I can have any man I want
    But I never had nobody with a love like you
    It would be a shame not to see this through
    Who gon' put up with your Gemini sh*t like I do? Hahaha

    And we promised to make up
    Even if it's gon' take us all of our lives
    I'm willing to give it another try
    We need to do this like love's on the line
    I'm real, loving takes time

    24 votes
  • About Damn Time
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    57 VOTES

    About Damn Time

    Best Lyrics:

    It's bad b*tch o'clock, yeah, it's thick-thirty
    I've been through a lot but I'm still flirty (okay)
    Is everybody back up in the buildin'?
    It's been a minute, tell me how you're healin'
    'Cause I'm about to get into my feelings
    How you feelin'? How you feel right now?

    Oh, I've been so down and under pressure
    I'm way too fine to be this stressed, yeah
    Oh, I'm not the girl I was or used to be

    57 votes
  • Coldplay
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    Best Lyrics:

    Goin' to sleep, holdin' hands at the sunrise
    Wakin' up, holdin' hands in the rain
    I feel so goofy, I don't really do this
    But with you, it's healin' how I feel pain

    It made me sad, I cried
    Singin' Coldplay in the night
    Dancin' to no music just feels right with you

    25 votes
  • If You Love Me
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    17 VOTES

    If You Love Me

    Best Lyrics:

    I accept the things that I can't change about you 
    But can't accept the fact that I can't change myself too 
    Wish I could fall in love with me so easily like you did 
    Being good to me like I am someone else seems so backhanded

    When the world can't love me to my face
    When the mirror lies and starts to break
    Hold me close, don't let me run away
    Don't be afraid

    17 votes