Where Should the Next Grand Theft Auto Game Take Place?

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Considering landmarks, history, atmosphere, and crime levels, what are some places you would love to see the next GTA set in? Vote up the cities you'd most like to host GTA VI.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise continues to be the gold standard for sprawling, open-world, sandbox gameplay. Grand Theft Auto IV shattered longstanding records and Grand Theft Auto V has, to date, sold over thirty-three million copies and generated over two billion dollars in sales. One of the reasons for its juggernaut success is the highly detailed and dynamic Grand Theft Auto locations. With Liberty City painstakingly modeled after New York City and its surrounding areas and Vinewood capturing the essence of Los Angeles right down to the traffic snarls, the atmosphere in Grand Theft Auto games is every bit as important as gameplay, weapons, or even the characters themselves. Grand Theft Auto cities are living, breathing things that set the tone for the epic crime drama the player will then be taken through.

But let’s be honest. Another visitation to Liberty City or even the vastly larger Vinewood would probably be fatal to Rockstar Games’ record-crushing franchise. Simply put, the players have been there and done that. It’s time to shake things up. There are so many fantastic places that could be the setting for the next installment of GTA that another trip to Liberty City or Vinewood would actually be an insult to the fans. From exotic locations on the other side of the world to new North American cities, the options are limitless. Here are twenty iconic possible locations for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

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  • London
    727 votes
    Great Britain, United Kingdom
  • Las Vegas
    772 votes
    Nevada, USA
  • Tokyo
    611 votes
  • Chicago
    672 votes
    Chicago metropolitan area, Illinois, USA