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The Best Locker Room Celebration Videos

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The best locker room celebration videos capture the raw emotion and energy that athletes feel after a big victory. Whether they won a big game over a rival team, captured a championship or completed a seemingly impossible upset, these teams all did something spectacular and have every reason to celebrate like champions in the locker room after the game. While we all wish we could be in that locker room with them for the singing, post-game speeches and champagne baths, that's not really possible but we can feel like we're there by watching these memorable locker room celebration videos.

The locker room is a special place for teams, especially when they play at home. It may not smell like a bed of roses but it's one place where all members of a team gathers before and after good games and bad. As seen in these locker room celebration videos, locker rooms after big victories are much more entertaining and uplifting than after a tough loss.

Each team also has their own way of celebrating a victory or championship. Many, such as college football and basketball teams, gather around their coaching staff to sing the school's fight song, such as what the Michigan Wolverines did after beating bitter rival Ohio State in November 2011. Sometimes the coach gives a speech to address the players and many times this leads to an emotional moment for all involved.

Other times, the locker room celebrations are wet and messy, such as when teams win a championship and bathe in beer and champagne until they tire. Another common activity after championship wins, especially in hockey, is the shaving of the playoff beards in the locker room. The sweaty and superstitious men are always anxious for a clean shave after the big game ends.

But it's not always fun and games in a locker room after a victory, especially for anyone not a member of the team. Reporters, like Brent Musburger in the Philadelphia 76ers locker room in 1983, often struggle to get their interviews among the chaotic celebrations. Sometimes the real story comes after the celebration videos go public, such as with the Tennessee Volunteers football team in 2011 who celebrated a bit too much, at least according to the opposing coach at Vanderbilt.

However teams choose to celebrate their big wins, one thing is the same between all of these exciting locker room celebrations. Each show the raw emotion that comes with success and accomplishment. Regardless of the sport or level, that is something that cannot be taught.
  • Michigan Wolverines football
    Video: YouTube
    After defeating bitter rival Ohio State for the first time in nearly a decade on November 26, 2011, the Michigan Wolverines football team members sang the team's fight song, "The Victors," in the locker room.
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  • Boston Celtics
    Video: YouTube
    On June 17, 2008, the Boston Celtics enjoyed a champagne bath in the locker room after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in game six of the NBA Finals to win the NBA Championship.
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  • New York Giants
    Video: YouTube
    In a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, once again the New York Giants came out victorious against the New England Patriots when the teams met on November 6, 2011, after quarterback Eli Manning led the team to an unlikely comeback in the final seconds of the game. In a video released by the Giants, the team celebrated the second victory in their locker room after the game including lifting head coach Tom Coughlin to their shoulders.
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  • Philadelphia 76ers
    Video: YouTube
    After winning the 1983 NBA Finals over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers showed how it can be difficult for reporters in the locker room after a big win. Brent Musburger, who now specializes in NCAA Football, did his best to interview players from the winning team while dealing with the boisterous celebration in the background.
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